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  1. Do you buy comics or graphic novels to learn a new language? I am quite addicted to Manga and it has been so helpful for me learning Japanese! I am more inspired to be honest.
  2. When was the last time you practiced for a new language? What is the most effective practice for you? Do you still go to language schools?
  3. Aside from the fact that it gives me edge to know how to speak in many different languages or a new language but what sparked my interest was when I fell in love. She speaks in another language which is Tagalog so I needed to learn that!
  4. It is pretty cheesy! But here it is in Korean: 난 당신이야 nan dangsin-iya :-)
  5. I have also seen some stuff on Vimeo. I just forgot the link! I will get back to you on this. But you can also type in searches on Vimeo.
  6. I spend most of the time practicing with other people who are natives of the language. Then I allot like 30 minutes to study on YouTube or other recorded materials. These are the things that work for me.
  7. This is pretty impressive! I applaud you really! I wish I could do the same.
  8. I don't know how others can do it. It is way too easier if there are visuals and audio guides. But for me interaction with other people speaking the language is still the best form by the way.
  9. I feel you on this one. At first it didn't bother me. But then again, I thought what ever happened to the right words our forefathers created for communication. I sometimes want to blame the rap community. Haha
  10. It is always best to study one language at a time because you will be able to focus on that. It's hard to multitask. Until of course you can, then do so.
  11. For formal lessons I think $30 is already expensive but it would still seem sound fair especially if you will learn a lot anyway. Also if it doesn't have to be everyday. But if I'm going to pay for a lesson, I would choose to do it monthly.
  12. It is hard sometimes to really be on point with grammar. I have been speaking English since I was a child and until now I still fall into grammar mistakes. I didn't even realize the whole subject verb agreement thing until my girlfriend pointed it all out to me.
  13. Right now I'm a self-learner when it comes to teaching myself some new language. I am in cost cutting too so it makes sense. I just use a lot of resources online!
  14. I download learning recordings for a new language. Those are more effective for me. I also love to seek some YouTube videos to learn a new one.
  15. I don't dream per say like in my sleep but I often day dream that i'm a linguist. I often dream however of speaking in French. That has always been a real dream of mine as well.
  16. I've always wanted to understand new culture that's why I want to learn a new language. If you will want to learn a culture and a society, learning a new language is a must. I had a lot of fun doing it too.
  17. I have ADD and it's hard to really focus for the most part. I use binaural beats whenever I want to focus. I do to absorb the language clearly in my head.
  18. I am nervous in speaking Spanish. It does tense me a little bit especially when speaking with a large crowd. But I'm starting gain confidence lately so it should be better soon.
  19. I think one way to learn this is to think that it is almost like learning English. It is the origin of English anyway. Practice everyday with a friend too.
  20. I learned a lot of Japanese words by watching Anime a LOT! Haha It was fun and my brain has easily absorbed the language because of that. It is indeed a good avenue to learn a new language.
  21. I don't think I'll ever be done. Learning is a daily process. Just because you've learned something today, doesn't mean it stops there. It's a continues thing. So yes, I don't think I'll completely learn.
  22. jfab


    Is there a language that you regret learning? If there is, would you share it to us? And also why did you regret learning it?
  23. Language is so beautiful each time two people talk together and make a connection. I love it when my fiance calls me babe and that's a form of our endearment. It means a lot.
  24. I would love to learn more than 3 languages. I would love to add French and Hebrew. I should probably do that now that I'm encouraged.
  25. I have this with British people. I have this straight up American accent and sometimes it intimidates me to listen to people who speak in British accent. That's really my only experience so far.
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