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How do you keep all the tenses straight in your head?

I know we learned probably 13-14 different tenses in my Spanish classes in high school, but I can't even remember half of them now, only the most prominent ones! Some of them even while we were learning them I couldn't fully understand, because I felt there wasn't a related tense in the English language.

Any tips on how to memorize and actually learn all of the tenses of the Spanish language? Or any language, for that matter!

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We learned about the different tenses of the verb way back in our grade school. If you know how to use the present, past and future tenses, it's easier for you to use them in constructing sentences. When something is done in the present, when something has been done and when something is planned to be done at a later time. :grin:

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i'm learning spanish as well and i have all the tenses down. dont worry with time you will learn them. what i did was to make friends with a spanish speaking person and started chatting on whatsapp. i watched how he constructed his sentences and watched the tenses he used. i also watched a telenovela.

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