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How to learn multiple languages of the same dialect?

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Maybe you mean multiple dialects of the same language?  (or maybe you're correct and I'm just confused):smile: 

Anyway, to answer your question, I think you can learn them simultaneously by using (speaking) these languages as often as you can in your daily conversations.  Though I know that for some, learning 2 or more languages simultaneously can be very confusing (this is very true for me  :grin:).

Here in our country there are several known dialects (usually differs in each major province or region), and only 1 (national) language.  And I don't think that it's easy to learn them simultaneously because they are very distinct from each other.  So far I've only learn 1 dialect when I stayed for a short vacation in a friend's house in the province.

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My mother tongue language is spoken in few dialects but we all understand each other when talking even though we are using our own dialects.

I sometimes ask about words I've never heard before then I'll try using them when I'm communicating with people of different dialects. Most of the time they will correct me if I was using the words wrong so that way I can learn more easily.

Communicating is the only way to learn different dialects of one language since they are not on dictionaries.

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My dad only knows 2 languages, but when he worked in the office where his office mates were mostly Visayan, he got to pick up Visayan words, and now he knows common Visayan words and sentences. I guess you should surround yourself with the people that you intend to learn their local dialect if that's possible, so that you can unconsciously pick up and immerse yourself to learn the language.

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Eh, the title of your post is kinda odd!  You mean dialects of different languages?  If so, well, just studying both simultaneously do, but it varies from dialect from dialect. For me it would be easier to learn catalan than learning let's say sorani or kumanji! I think it's really about learning the main language first, then moving onto the second one.

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