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Want to help me with spanish? I can help u with finnish!


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I'm a 17yo boy from Finland and i'd like to have someone who is my age or a bit older to talk and learn with me.

I'm interested in spanish and i would like have someone to talk to. I have just started but i'm pretty quick learner and i have a good motivation.

My english is otherwise ok but my grammar lacks a bit so communication should be easy.

To be honest i think it will be hard to teach u finnish since it's one of the hardest languages to learn, but if you're willing to teach me spanish i will absolutely do my best!

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Hey there

I would just like to welcome you to www.linguaholic.com! We have quite a lot of Native Spanish Speakers here and I hope you will be able to find a suitable Language Partner! Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish yet, so I can't help you with that. However, if you would like to learn German, French, Chinese, or some Basic Japanese, feel free to contact me :=)

Regards from China


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Well those are the other languages i'm interested in so it's bit shame i started with spanish.

And btw if some of u guys could teach me spanish but u don't need finnish then i could also help u if your interested in fitness, powerlifting, gym or just exercising! I have collected information about training, eating etc. over 4 years now and i have records of 140kg benchpress, 200kg deadlift and 5x150kg squat with the bodyweight of 87. Also my dad is a mma couch, my mom is a yoga instructor and my stepfather is a basketball couch so i guess i know something.

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