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(Re)Learning my family's native tongue


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Hi! I currently live in California of the US, though I grew up in Canada. I've moved around a lot, and that's part of the reason I no longer know Finnish like I did when I was a wee little one.

I've been to Finland and loved it there, and since I want to go back to live there permanently, I'd like to learn the language so I will be able to immigrate without too many issues, and have a better base of knowledge for picking the language back up when I do move there.

I love learning, but I have trouble sticking to it. So, hopefully this forum will help me figure out some ways to keep learning Finnish without getting burnt out!

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Hey there Littlefinn

I wish you all the best with (re)-learning Finnish. We have a few Native Finnish speakers here in the forum and some more people that are actually interested in learning this beautiful language.

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