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Vocabulary learning for kids - cartoons


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I honestly think cartoons are one of the best ways for a kid to learn English easily and in a fun way. It's how I did it, at least. Kids soak up a lot of the things they see, and great cartoons with good dialogue are a great learning tool.

Most major countries have dubs on their cartoons, but not in Croatia, at least not for the bigger networks like Cartoon Network. And it's not just vocabulary, kids can already develop an ear for grammar using cartoons, and they'll sense when something just sounds off when they hear someone say a bigger mistake.

Another great thing is translating them, for instance if they're watching it with younger siblings or cousins, they could try to translate for them a bit and explain what's going on.

All in all,cartoons are a great medium for children.

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I would definitely agree.  Watching cartoons is a great way for children to start learning their vocabulary and grammar.  Of course, they will learn the basics, as well as understanding how the cartoon characters mention a particular word which the children will learn visually.  Once the children have gotten the hang of learning the language from cartoons, they may choose to diversify their knowledge by watching children's stories, or they can learn more by watching educational programs such as Sesame Street and The Electric Company.

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Cartoon for kids is certainly a good way for them to learn the basics of another language. Children learn everything at a fast rate and they could catch a lot from these cartoons. I hear children in my country speaking Spanish and when I ask them where they learnt those words they told me that it was from watching Dora the Explorer so this method does work.

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