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May VS Mayroon


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This is something I often use interchangeably, and I'm quite sure that I shouldn't be doing that. The proper usage of these two words were taught back when I was in elementary school, but unfortunately I can no longer remember it. Can anybody please enlighten me?

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I'm not sure how different they are from each other, but I think "may" is the shortened version of "mayroon". Like if you use it in a sentence, you say, "May kotse ka ba?" as compared to "Mayroon ka bang kotse?"

Both sound and mean the same right? The only difference is that "may" is the shortened version of "mayroon".

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Mayroon can also be shortened as meron, but this is mostly used in conversational Tagalog.  Whenever we speak to each other in the vernacular, we sometimes do not distinguish between mayroon and meron, as they are pronounced in the same way.  In terms of usage, mayroon/meron is used before a noun (e.g. merong problema, mayroong tao), pronoun (e.g. meron silang, mayroon tayong), or adverb (e.g. mayroon pa ba), while may always follows a noun or adjective (e.g. may tao, may marangya).  May is also used to depict a certain place of destination (e.g. Papunta ako sa may kanto).

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