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Please criticize my blog

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Hi my name is Dennis, I am a native speaker of Spanish in Bolivia, I'm studying English with the method of AJ Hoge and gave me good result and it occurred to me to create a blog with free and audios to teach Spanish texts including short stories, life lessons and other interesting and motivational topics.

Do not know if I'm doing a good job, I recorded short audio and tamben Audacity long at first and then with a decent microphone (microphone had a very poor quality).

He wanted to know who watch more useful for a blog, just uploaded short stories or jokes like:



The original idea was to make a collection of short stories with vocabulary and then read the stories in different tenses, but not if it is a good idea for a resource, you can see an example here:


¿It is a good idea? or better compiled poems, jokes and motivational phrases.

I hope you not see this post as spam since I'm not a professor of Spanish nor sell anything, all is totally free.

Please comment and I hope apologize if my writing is not perfect.

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Bien hecho Denis! You are doing a great job! Continue to practice, and let your professor know that you are making good progress, and should continue in your studies on the English language.

It  is very encouraging that you have made such good recordings. The joke was quite funny and philosophical at the same time. Continue watching videos and shows that have English dialogue , find persons who speak the English language as their native language .

Practice! Practice! Practice!


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I liked it Denis, in my opinion you are doing  good job and whoever is interested in learning Spanish should feel really grateful for you to take the time to do this.  Keep up the great work!  Also keep on working on your English , you are doing very good :)  Just keep practicing!

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