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  1. Wow, the trend of this post has taken me waayyy back . I remember when I was in high school, and a few members of my Spanish class, along with myself, got the opportunity to take a trip to a Spanish-speaking country as part of an immersion program that was centralized around us "really getting to know the language" by literally being part of the culture ; so, we were "forced" to get up and interact in Spanish with the locals and other persons that we met with in the country. However, on our flight there, a friend of mine decided that she did not feel too comfortable, and wanted to take
  2. Wow, this is certainly a great teaching AND learning method, and I will definitely put it into practice both on the teaching, and on the learning side! Yes, I have written stories and reviews in Spanish in the past, but I've never practiced it on any consistent basis, and I don't think I've really ventured down the road of writing creative/fictional stories in this beautiful second language of mine! I think that this method can and should be applied for all age groups , but specifically for children, because I think that getting a child to work and develop his or her creative genius
  3. I strongly agree with you, for the most part. I have always thought about this possibility being fact, and I've seen it in action, because in most of my encounters with language teachers, those who were not native speakers of the language I was being taught, really did seem to have a tighter handle on the grammar tools and rules, vocabulary distinctions, and handy "language hacks" that'll make learning this new language easier . I also agree with you, that perhaps the reason why it was easier to learn from a non-native speaker of the language, was that a native speaker probably never had
  4. Lol, no problem re: the celebrity news. It's actually perfectly relevant! I have always marveled at the fact that certain degrees are "belittled" and viewed as "less-than-necessary", or less likely to result in a profitable career if relied on alone. I love the art of English Literature, as I find it to the be one of the most complex and worthwhile courses to partake in and to be influenced by. English Literature ought to viewed with more dignity and respect , as it really does challenge the mind's ability to analyze and truly "take apart" characters, themes, setting, and other thought-
  5. I see what you're saying, and I'd definitely have to agree with you! Novels are the absolute best , and I greatly admire the beautiful use of language, and the interesting play on words, characters and plot. I would have to suggest to you my favorite English novel , which is "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. It really is a classic , and Dickens is quite a Classic author. You will surely gain insight on life from this novel, and you'll get a good touch of mystery, from start to finish! Get into it! Bendiciones
  6. I think that when it comes to the Spanish language, I do believe that my main weakness has been my level of consistency in practicing with others of my friends who are naturally from Spanish-speaking countries, and also with my English-speaking friends who are seeking to practice Spanish as well. I think that because I haven't practiced as much as I should have in the past, it has caused me to lose memory of some of the vocabulary that had become indelible in my mind before. However, I have learned to correct this fault, by constantly and consistently practicing new vocabulary words, listeni
  7. Bien hecho Denis! You are doing a great job! Continue to practice, and let your professor know that you are making good progress, and should continue in your studies on the English language. It is very encouraging that you have made such good recordings. The joke was quite funny and philosophical at the same time. Continue watching videos and shows that have English dialogue , find persons who speak the English language as their native language . Practice! Practice! Practice! Bendiciones
  8. In delving into Spanish culture and customs, and getting a fuller and deeper understanding of the Spanish language, people, and manner of speaking, I have gotten "lost" in several Spanish literature books . I am caught up with the poetic beauty of the way that these books are written, the sheer drama that unfolds , as well as trying to decipher the mystery in which certain characters are shrouded in. My favorite Spanish book of all time is "Crónica de Una Muerte Anunciada", which I love although the plot and the unfolding of it actually haunts me! What are your favorite Spanish book
  9. I definitely subscribe to this mantra; it helps me to remember that I have to be disciplined about retaining language skills. It's terrible when, after a few months-to-years without any practice at all, you try either reading/writing the language, or conversing, and then find yourself "at a road-block". You can't read, you can't write, you can't speak! It's like you're a newborn baby all over again, refreshing yourself on "the basics", and it's almost as though you've never even studied the language! . Maybe I sound like I'm exaggerating, but that's exactly how I've felt in the past! I believ
  10. Wow, this definitely sounds exciting and intriguing! I definitely subscribe to the fact that Spanish, and all languages, need to be FELT personally, by all seeking to learn, rather than just learning either on one's own, or in front of a book! I visited Panama about four years ago for a two-week immersion, and it was like every single thing that I had learnt in a typical classroom before that period, suddenly came to LIFE! I would love to get from you some more information in terms of the cost of this immersion program, because I'm a SPANISH FANATIC and diligent student who has become fluent,
  11. Hi there Ricardo! Nice to meet you! Your story is quite interesting, with you being fluent in THREE languages! That's awesome man. I'm a native English speaker myself, but am also fluent in Spanish. I've always had an interest in Portuguese as well as French, so I'd love to exchange with you what I know about Spanish, and see what you can do in Portuguese, French AND English! I'd love to know also what aspects of the Portuguese and French culture that you love and appreciate the most! Thanks so much for getting involved in this forum, I love the exchange that is facilitated here. I love langua
  12. Hello to you! Welcome! I'm a "newbie" too! I'd like to encourage you to even "force" yourself a little, to keep on the "language-learning train"! I've been down that road before, where I've felt a little disillusioned with learning a new language, but after a while, when you've been stuck in this "dry spell", you realize how much your interest in learning that new language has grown! . When you go at something that is particularly difficult and actually master it , then I think the end result is probably far greater than if you had no "hiccups" along the way. Because you would have pushed
  13. Great Traveler! I'm also a native English speaker who has a definite interest in Spanish. Over the years, I've become fluent, so I'm excited to share my knowledge with you! I wouldn't mind also learning a few things in Mandarin at the same time! I appreciate both the written and conversational form of all languages, and I am seeking to become fluent in as many as possible. I enjoy the vast and thrilling cultural exchange that comes along with learning new languages, and that helps to spark my continued need to find out more! I love that the world is so diverse, yet perfectly different. I hav
  14. Hola a todos! Mi nombre es "SpeakSpanish", parituclarmente porque me encanta hablar español, y quiero compartir mis conocimientos con todo el mundo Hi everyone! My name is "SpeakSpanish", mainly because I love speaking Spanish, and I want to share my knowledge with everyone! My theme is "leading from the front", simply because I've always envisioned that if we truly want to be the leaders, movers and shapers of what goes on in our world, then we ought to "dive in, head-first", into the more difficult challenges that are presented in the world, that we know will not only make us better and m
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