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  1. I can write fluently in Spanish and in English. I have written like 3 words on french also.
  2. I started in fifth grade so I was ten years old. I had to move to United States so it was either learn or be an idiot who doesn't talk to anyone.
  3. I don't think you could ever fall in love with someone without at least talking to her. But I think it is possible to try and start a relationship. If you have a common language between the two. And maybe I'd be willing to learn the new language.
  4. There are so many dialects that i think it would be near impossible to know how many languages there are in the world. You might find how many official languages there are in the world, maybe, but thats it.
  5. Since I already know spanish, even though the housekeeping thing was a little racist. I think it would be mandarin. I think it is a very important language in the business world right after english.
  6. I think it should. Definitely. Why? Well because it will open so many doors later in life for that person and because it is easier learning when you are a kid, or so they say. Any opportunity you have about learning a language should be taken.
  7. Seems amazing cant wait to try it. Also I love reddit! Let me know when I can buy it/download it, or if I can already!
  8. Both of the languages I am fluent with which are Spanish and English I really like them both, I think Spanish might be prettier. On the other hand I hate french, it's so yucky at least to me, I dont like how it's pronounced.
  9. I guess if it were really possible people would use it as a normal method of learning. What I'm trying to say is it's just the same thing as when a new miracle medicine pops up that makes you lose weight, if it worked it would just be called medicine.
  10. Well, my new language was English, and as of right now, most of humor I read is in English and when I browse Reddit for some silly stuff every little thing is in English so yeah, I can understand humor in my new language.
  11. I can write very fluently in Spanish and in English and I can write like two sentences in french. Basically English and Spanish haha.
  12. Short ones in Spanish: Pablito clavo un clavito en la calva de un calvito. Tres tristes tigres comen trigo, comen trigo tres tristes tigres.
  13. I think the British accent is very sophisticated and even though my native language is Spanish, I am now fluent in English. So maybe I could try and change my English accent but I learned English by living in the United States so now I would be very difficult to try and change my English accent. But I think the British accent is very fun.
  14. Im not taking any courses right now but when I used to in the past even though it didn't help me one bit to learn the language I wanted, I was paying around 100 dollars a month more or less.
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