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  1. You need internet connection to use it the first time, but there's a feature that it loads up to 5 lessons, so you can train even without internet connection. At least it was like this the last time I used it, I've been pretty lazy with my language studies
  2. I don't really know any technique, but I know of a portuguese poet who translated Raven from Edgar Allan Poe in such a good way, it really makes me shiver when I read or listen to it. If you understand portuguese it may help you to have some ideas: http://www.insite.com.br/art/pessoa/coligidas/trad/921.php
  3. Brazilian Portuguese Bom dia Como vai você? / or / Tudo bem? Qual é o seu nome? Meu nome é Ray
  4. Even though the subtitles are a little inaccurate, I still see it being way more accurate than the dubbing. I think its because they need to size the phrases and the timing with the movement of the mouth in the movie, when in subbing they need to keep it short, but have a little more liberty.
  5. Thank you very much for the warm welcome I'm going to try and find my way in this forum, see you in other topics
  6. Mais uma recomendação para vocês. Qualquer livro do Paulo Coelho, no Brasil não dão valor aos livros dele, mas é uma ótima leitura. E uma dica, eu melhorei meu inglês lendo Harry Potter em inglês. Eu não tinha conhecimento suficiente na lingua naquela época para ler, mas peguei um dicionário e fiquei consultando até tomar jeito e gravar a palavra. Bons estudos
  7. I use Mnemonics too, they speed up a lot the learning curve, weirder the image or association(word, music, etc) easier to remember The ones I use are from the free app Memrise Android apk https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.memrise.android.memrisecompanion&hl=en site: http://www.memrise.com/
  8. I love this one Oswaldo Montenegro - Bandolins
  9. My native language is Portuguese, but I also speak english (I only need to practice more my speaking skills). I study German, french and japanese in cicles, one week I'm motivated to study, then I drop out and after a few weeks I'm motivated to study another language I need to focus and study one of them for real.
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