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  1. At a young age it's better to teach them only one language. As she grows, you can teach her the other languages as kids learn better than grown up people, though, bare in mind that she should first know one language fully, so she won't start mixing it up. Speaking with her in three different languages is not correct and it's surely not the way to go.
  2. I guess it depends on your native language too. For Portuguese people, French is easier than English because words are similar and sometimes you understand it without knowing the language, but English is the first language you learn, even at school so I'd say they made it easier.
  3. I have to love "croissant" and "papillon". (Butterfly) They sound awesome when pronounced in French. It's such a sweet language.
  4. The hardest part for me is certainly remembering some vocabulary when I need it. Sometimes I just mix words in my mind and I keep speaking English words in the middle of a French conversation.
  5. Even though all of them are right, the first one is the more correct one. Everyone around here uses that way of building the question.
  6. This is a funny game to be honest. écouter - listen.
  7. I've honestly gone through the same problem you're going and the solution was to force myself into a schedule where reading was part of it. I started enjoying it again and the only hard part is to start because when I'm reading I can do it for hours as I just want to know more about the story.
  8. I'm not a teacher but the idea I have as a student that have gone through English classes in a foreign country after knowing how to speak fluently is that they teach very basic English, even on more advanced years/classes. People have to learn from zero and therefore lack the basics so they have to go slow and sometimes it takes time for everyone in the class to be ready for the next step.
  9. The most stereotype I know of about native English speakers is that they only speak English because they consider it to be the most important language so they don't have to learn others as everyone should speak English after all. I don't think that's true and I know of many native English speakers that are learning other languages.
  10. Era uma vez uma jovem menina chamada Ana Maria que gostava muito de comer gelados com sabor a morango. Um dia, ela decidiu que já estava farta de comer gelados, por isso foi procurar outra coisa que lhe agradasse. Decidiu então partir à procura de dois frangos assados e apenas encontrou
  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I already found some useful tools around the forums.
  12. I heard of it multiple times but never really gave it a try myself. I'll look forward to try it as it might be a big help in learning French writing.
  13. I kep using it on daily basis but it's indeed for single words because complete sentences come out wrongly translated so it's useless most of the times.
  14. I find the British accent particularly funny myself. I can understand American English much better than British though.
  15. The problem are not the words they use but the way they use them and the context they are used in. It usually mistranslates some.
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