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Do you know Naked Wedding in Chinese?

Guest jennywowo

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Guest jennywowo

Literally, 裸婚luo3 hun1 it means “naked marriage”. “Naked” as it is, it has nothing to do with porn. “裸婚” refers to marriage without houses, cars, and wedding ceremonies. This is one of the many popular Internet words that we can learn from http://www.ichineselearning.com/chinese-lessons/

As the young people face more and more economic pressure and stress more and more on the freedom and independence of marriage, wedding ceremonies are no longer regarded as important to some people. So, “naked wedding” has become a popular way of getting married.

Chinese people used to (and many still do) think that when people are going to marry, they should at least have a car and a house or apartment. But now it is becoming more and more difficult due to inflation and rising property prices in China. More young people are starting to believe the idea behind getting married should be for love, not for money. Therefore, 裸婚 has become a more popular and realistic option in China.

A good example is the huge success of a Chinese TV drama called 《裸婚时代》- the times of naked wedding. It depicts a story between a young couple, who decided to get married despite the fact they have nothing but love. Their marriage went through happiness and bitterness and finally comes to an end. The story shows the power of love and at the same time the cruelty of the reality. For those who want to learn spoken Chinese, this TV drama can also serve as Chinese online lessons to practice listening.

So, what does “裸婚” mean? It means you don’t have to spend much money to get married – no honey moon, no house, no cars, no rings, no ceremonies, no meals, just 9 yuan for the registration fee. It definitely need your courage and dare.

From our <a href="http://www.ichineselearning.com/chinese-lessons/">skype Chinese</a>, we learned that被 (bei) is used in a passive voice to show that “something is done by something else.” In this case, we can also say “他们被结婚”, which means “They are forced to get married.” In China, people are forced to do all sorts of things. For example, young people have to listen to their parents to get married before 30 or marry to someone their parents are happy with. If it comes to you, will you accept “被结婚”?

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I don't know about the naked wedding in Chinese but thanks to you, I learned about it today. My grandfather is a pure Chinese who migrated from China to Philippines during late thirties or early forties. Years before world war 2. My grandmother would always tell us their story that my grandfather was in China the time the war started, he got stranded there with their eldest daughter. When he went home after the war is over, grandmother said he told her his mom asked him to marry a Chinese woman and he can’t say no so he did but he still went back to stay in the Philippines to be with my grandmother, I think they have 3 kids that time and they had 5 more children after. My mom is their 5th child. My eldest aunt is now around 70 years old, she didn’t went back home after the war and no longer speaks our native language, she now lives in Hongkong. I am not sure if my grandfather had children with his wife over there but I know that his Chinese wife was the one who took care of my aunt like a step mother. I am aware that Chinese people prefer a Chinese partner too unless influenced by outside environment and that they mostly practice fixed marriage but I never knew about the naked wedding. In my opinion as long as couples are wed, that is fine and what matters most is their love for each other is genuine and about your question if I will accept to marry someone just because my family likes him for me, my answer would be no. Thank goodness we don’t practice that over here otherwise my life would be a living hell if I’ll live it with someone I don’t even love or like or worse, someone I don’t even know. I know some people would say “that is disrespectful to parents” because who are we to disobey them after everything they’ve done for us but maybe parents also forget we are not their property, we have feelings too and most of all we have our own life to live.

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I am not aware of this phrase and nice to learn something new in here.

Its meaning is interesting and could be a fact not only in Chinese people but as well to other nationalities. Wedding now are made more simple by couples so that they will not spend a lot or they do not have money to spend for it.

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