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  1. I have not tried that method on other languages aside from the English language. Several times I have written some stories, poems and other articles using the English language. Mostly as part of school requirement for the English subjects.
  2. It is right that sometimes we are not aware that we are already using figurative speeches or language. Figurative language makes some sentences sound better or looks better. It is sometimes not that easy to tell someone about something literally or straight forward.
  3. I am also not into these apps, I just sometimes try games apps. I still take note some things on a paper and sometimes on a notebook on my computer. I just simply search online if I would like to know a meaning of a word faster.
  4. There are several ways/words in Tagalog or Filipino with the same meaning. These include Iniibig kita, Iniirog kita and Sinisinta kita. You might want to try the other dialects as well.
  5. It depends if I think it is important to really understand what someone is saying. I would honestly say that I do not understand it and if he or she could say it on a language that I could understand it. I would not pretend that I understand something and just walk away.
  6. I have written some Haiku before since it was part of our assignment before. I cannot remember exactly when it was during our high school years. I think it was a fun way of writing poems since it was short but quite harder to think of right words that will come together on it.
  7. I also do not think that it should be taught or be required. I do have some gay friends and they do use some of those Bekimon words. But they do not over use it or use it for their whole sentences cause that would be hard to fully understand.
  8. There are several ways to learn the English language aside from watching those shows. I would say that my favorite tip to learn a new language is to choose a language that really interests you. That would make the learning process easier and even fun.
  9. In here, it is required to study English and therefore it is included in the school curriculum or subjects. So you will study and learn English whether you like it or not in here. Which is a good thing since most here can understand and speak the language well.
  10. I could also say that I did well on those exams with reading comprehension questions. I usually got passed grades and I could finish those questions on time. You have to read fast and know which part of it could most probably give the answers to the questions.
  11. There are also times that I get irritated answering those reading comprehension questions. It is because these questions are usually long since you need to read the paragraph or part of a story in order to answer the questions correctly. If it is not too long, it is just fine with me.
  12. Yes, I do consider graphic novels worth reading. I do really enjoy reading comic books especially when I was in grade school. Although not all of it might be worth reading, it could be depends on the story and not just the graphics.
  13. This is an interesting link. I do not have any specific English word in mind that has weird spelling for me. Maybe those scientific words that sounds really different or hard to spell.
  14. The correction was nice and right that the original was right too. There could be several ways to present articles depend on various things, like if you want it to be a simple as it is or make it classic sounding as possible. It would be in the choice of words.
  15. I also think that because you can understand and speak the language well already, the writing and reading part could come easier to you. Try using materials like books on how to read and write Korean. You can also try the suggested online apps or sites in this thread too.
  16. That reminds me of how I memorized math equations before, through flashcards. It is really a simple but very useful tool when trying to learn new things like languages. Nice to know that there are already apps for it but better if those are free apps.
  17. I am not aware of this phrase and nice to learn something new in here. Its meaning is interesting and could be a fact not only in Chinese people but as well to other nationalities. Wedding now are made more simple by couples so that they will not spend a lot or they do not have money to spend for it.
  18. I do have a favorite "phrase". I really like this two words phrase because of its meaning and because it is in a song of one of my favorite animated movie. It is "Hakuna Matata" it is a Swahili phrase which means no worries or no problem/trouble.
  19. My friends have not asked me translate a movie or something to English since they can understand the language as well. When I was in high school, a teacher asked us to translate a poem and an article in English from Filipino to test how well we understood the meaning or context of those written work.
  20. I am not really familiar with this idiom but I would like to share my idea of it. if the meaning is "A perceived grievance or sense of inferiority." maybe a chip on my shoulder describes a piece of log or wood on a shoulder which can literally make the shoulder quite heavy which can symbolize inferiority or feeling of being pulled down. Just my opinion though.
  21. I would say that my favorite word in English is "Respect". It is a common English word which is so meaningful and can be very powerful. I like it simply because of its meaning and how common it is used.
  22. We usually greet people here "Musta" which can be translated as "How Are You". As well as the common Hi and Hello is well used here too. When meeting someone new, it is commonly "Nice to meet you" or "Good to know you".
  23. I am not a book reader myself cause I would want to read something that I could read on just one sitting. I do like reading online articles, news, poems and short or long essays. I think one way to motivate yourself to read books is to find a really interesting topic for you.
  24. I think those kind of books about conspiracies should be classified as Fiction. It is since those are only theories or own opinions without enough basis. As the meaning of Fiction, it is theoretical or not based on facts or legal proofs.
  25. I have not specifically use music or songs to learn a new language. But I am aware that it can be useful in learning a new language or even just learning few words. I have learned some Spanish words through listening to some songs on Telenovelas.
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