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Do u want to learn Jamaican Creole?


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Wow, this can be a very nice experience for me because in my country musicians love to sing in Jamaican creole yet most of them do not quite understand how it derives and roll. You see I grew up listening to reggae music and to some extent when the musicians sing, I can decode some of the creole they speak which is quite interesting. I love the creole English and the manner in which it deviates from normal English. It reminds me of the way Nigerians and West Africans in general speak their English. If you are not keen enough, then you are bound to miss out in a conversation. Let’s catch on and learn, I can teach you some Swahili as well. I am at [[email protected]]

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Native Monks is looking for tutors in all languages to work from home using Skype. Native Monks helps students from around the world learn over 130 languages from the comfort of their home with a dedicated tutor online.

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