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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I do think it is very much possible as this may be my problem too. I am a native English speaker but I had a hard time learning Spanish pronunciations as I could not roll the R's etc. Then I decided to do French as I wouldn't have the R's to deal with, then to my surprise I am still having a great challenge saying words such as "lettre" no matter how much I try to practice.
  2. I have recently started using Duolingo and the translations are my biggest issues. Whenever the computes is saying words like sommes/ pommes I am unsure if it is that they are saying somme/pomme as they seem to be pronounced the same way. Nothing is as ideal as having a native teaching the pronunciations though.
  3. Thanks a lot, I think I am going to try Anki as I need to practice my speech and learn to listen and understand instead of just learning a few words then I am not able to comprehend what they are saying. I enjoy the speech lessons on Duoingo too as that is my weakest area yet, I have a hard time with the pronunciations.
  4. I am blushing and these are not being said to me even though I am just learning French and is struggling with the pronunciations, I will definitely be saying some of these to my boyfriend. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Duolingo is awesome, just started using it but hoping they don't plan on charging any time soon. I think regardless of any program you choose, it is wise to have a native help you with the pronunciations as that is my biggest problem yet.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently started my French lessons on Duolingo but I am having such a hard time with the pronunciation of certain words. I am a native English speaker so I am not used to those twists and turns of the tongue to get the proper pronunciation. For example, I was trying to say "lettre" but can't say the last part the way it is supposed to be said. My tongue is so stubborn, any advice on how to get my tongue to move to the rythm? Lmao :wacky:
  7. I wanted something that is a 100 percent free, so now I am working with Duolingo. I am enjoying it thus far and I have learnt a bit. Let's see how far I can get with it.
  8. Bonjour Florence, I am a native English speaker but I am just learning French with Duolingo but would appreciate any additional help as I am just at level 2. Too bad I cannot help you with Spanish but there a lot of native Spanish speakers here that will be more than happy to assist you. Certainly hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Congratulations, you just have to keep practicing though as practice makes perfection. I just started using Duolingo last night to learn French and it is going well so far. Will be dedicating at least an hour a day to it, to see how fast I can learn.
  10. I downloaded the Duolingo app for Android phones last night and I was up so late enjoying it. I have learnt so much already because of the whole set up,it is more like a game to me than an average learning app, so much more fun and easier to use. Have you guys ever tried it?
  11. I have heard more good than bad about Rosetta Stone as I was contemplating purchasing the software. There are several reviews online that may be helpful, you just have to weigh the pro's and cons in deciding if it is the ideal program for you.
  12. I need an app that I can use on my phone, on the go both on and offline. The app should teach French and Spanish, both audio and visual aspects of the language. I have an android phone and my journey to work is normally long and boring so that is the time I would use it most. Any suggestions?
  13. Elenamarie is correct. There are more possible answers Traveler but you cannot use a conjunction to start a sentence, Then is a conjunction which should be used in a sentence to join points.
  14. Thanks for this site and also the fact that it is free. I am using my phone now but not sure if it will be compatible, don't want to use my data but will be trying it as soon as I am home. Will be using it pretty often once it is useful.
  15. Sounds rather interesting, I will give it a shot as I mostly use my phone to do various things online.
  16. First; talk to Mr. Johnson, then see the supervisor for the next meeting. I am not quite sure but I wanted to respond before reading the other answers. Testing my English skills :-)
  17. Whenever I am texting and someone misspell a word, I would normally send a message using the same word but with the correct spelling instead of telling the person directly that the word was incorrectly spelled. I think the same could be applied when having a conversation, just respond politely using the proper pronunciations, not making it too obvious that it's a correction.
  18. I was really generAlizing as we all learn in different ways. I know for sure though that in English, writing is essential when practicing your grammar and punctuation skills. Thanks for commenting guys, it is great to learn from each other.
  19. The more often you read and write the language you are interested in learning, the better it is for you. Your vocabulary will expand over time and practice always makes perfect. Theory is always good but doing the actual thing is greater. Having conversations with natives and or bilingual persons helps a great deal too, this is the easiest way to catch up on your mistakes and make necessary corrections. What do you think?
  20. Awesome, everyday this forum becomes more interesting for me. Thanks a lot for this as I oftentimes have issues with my grammar even though I am a native. The more practice though, the better it will be for me as I do love my language. Some rules are rather weird and complicated but by getting more used to them I will feel more comfortable when applying them.
  21. Interesting, I am learning so much here. I had no idea when and how to use the two so I normally just use anyone my mind tell me to at that given moment, which I do know is not necessarily correct. Thanks for the prep up guys as even though I am a native English speaker, I still do need a lot of lessons.
  22. I don't normally put commas before conjunctions as I was told they are used in space of commas to somewhat separate points. The comma is placed to break a sentence, so the reader can pause then get to the new point. I really do need clarity on both now :karate:
  23. I am a native English speaker but it is actually true, growing up I was told that it is because English is the easiest language to learn. Now that I am grown, I have come to realize that persons who speak other languages are normally bilingual, unlike us English natives. It is probably hard for the majority to learn second languages, other languages are somewhat tricky even though I am trying to learn.
  24. I have been seeing an increase in the use of commas in certain sentences but I am quite unsure of how to use them correctly. Is it correct to use 2 to 3 commas in one sentence and they're not being used to separate points. I was taught in school that it is incorrect but I am seeing it in several books so now I am left to wonder.
  25. Welcome, welcome my dear. I am also trying to learn both French and Spanish but I am sure you are a lot more advanced than I am. This is a great community to help us grow and learn any language that you are interested in learning. Hope you feel welcome and at home here, looking forward to learning so much from you.
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