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Well, this one is fairly straightforward, so I'll keep it simple. Just recall the first and the second declension and you'll be fine. You use those endings here as well (in most cases as about 80 per cent of the adjectives are of first and second declension)

Bonus, bona, bonum is one of them, and it means ''good''. This means that an adjective has three forms - bonus is masculine form and would be used with masculine nouns, for example, amicus; bona is feminine form and would be used with feminine nouns such as amica; and bonum with neuter, such as donum, so here's how it goes:

                        M                                                    F

            Sg                Pl                                Sg                    Pl

N  bonus amicus      boni amici                  bona amica        bonae amicae       

G  boni amici          bonorum amicorum      bonae amicae    bonarum amicarum 

D  bono amico        bonis amicis                bonae amicae    bonis amicis

Ac bonum amicum  bonos amicos              bonam amicam  bonas amicas

V  bone amice        boni amici                  bona amica        bonae amicae

Ab bono amico        bonis amicis              bona amica        bonis amicis

Remember the rule of the neuter?

Nominative equals accusative equals Vocative!

And also: Plural in these cases ends on a:

N  bonum donum                    bona dona

G  boni doni                          bonorum donorum

D  bono dono                        bonis donis

Ac  bonum donum                    bona dona

V  bonum donum                    bona dona

Ab  bono dono                        bonis donis

Some of the adjectives which also follow the pattern of bonus, bona, bonum are:

clarus, clara, clarum - famous

notus, nota, notum - known

malus, mala, malum - bad

magnus, magna, magnum - big

parvus, parva, parvum - small

laetus, laeta, laetum - happy

avarus, avara, avarum - greedy

bellus, bella, bellum - beautiful

antiquus, antiqua, antiquum - ancient

Something for practice:

Combine the right form of adjective:

''magnus'' with aqua, ae,f

''parvus'' with donum, i, n

''laetus'' with filia, ae, f

''avarus'' with dominus, i, m

''antiquus'' with patria, ae, f

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