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Do you believe that English steals many other language's words


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The English language has more words in it than any other in the world. It also has another 400,000 technical words. But it often adopts other language's words to express something that has happened in the United States. An example is the Japanese ritual suicide seppuku. It is better known in the English language as hari-kari. Not everyone knows what seppuku is, but the word "hari-kari" has been adopted into the English language as suicide. The technical term is actually ritual suicide by self-disembowelment, but the term is generalized to mean any suicide, and not necessarily Japanese.

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I feel that saying it "steals from other languages" to be a strong of a statement. Other languages "steal" from others in making it's founding of it. Japan has done this with Chinese, but some words differ from one another and they both have it's own stylized characters. To those that don't know the difference between the two characters, they'll easily think it's the same language. However, those that know that the slashes or positioning of the characters, as well as boldness, makes them different. There's no set law on words being ONLY for one group; the whole world is a melting pot whether people accept that or not.

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