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Latin Irregular Verbs


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Your charts are always a blessing! Keep them coming! I have no idea where you find them, but I like them very much. Saves me the trouble of typing out all of those verbs...

You're a savour!

Addendum to this:

There are some verbs which have only a few forms, such as inquio and aio.

In present simple tense, aio (''I claim'' or ''I say''), has only:

1st person sg.  aio

2nd person sg  ais

3rd person sg  ait

3rd person pl    aiunt

There are no forms for 1st and 2nd person in plural!

Inquio is exactly the same:

1st person sg.  inquio

2nd person sg  insuis

3rd person sg  inquit

3rd person pl    inquiunt

I saw these verbs on the list and thought of adding them... well, thanks :)

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