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The Chinese Family Tree

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If you are already studying Chinese, then you surely know how important the 'Family' is in China/Chinese Culture. This is also reflected in the Chinese language. Words/names for family members are very numerous and the system is rather complex. Have a look for yourself!

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Off The Great Wall:D! I follow this one everywhere. They used to be much bigger long ago, but not so much now - I mean, their posting of new topics has declined. These guys are hilarious & also get right to the point. I don't think anyone would be disappointed following this. 

As there are so many people in China, they have to organize themselves well. Also, people there seem to crave titles and prefer those beneath their status to show respect. It looks very much over-done, especially as the title varies depending on their age relative to yours. Still, tradition is tradition and it should be preserved.  

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Haha, this was really fun to watch. I'm Cantonese so I have most of the family members listed in that video...


..... and also I still get confused as to what to call my cousins' kids, lol

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