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Exercises With What We Already Know


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It's time to see how we're doing. As we've covered quite a portion of grammar, I decided to write down some sentences with their translations, and also a few for your work at home...

The sections included: Adjectives and nouns 1st/2nd declension, Colours and Possessive Pronouns, Sum, esse, fui, 1st verb conjugation, Cases

I will be making sentences up, so... here it goes (Don't think this way of translation strange - I am only writing the surface structure and the words as they are so that you can figure out the meanings on your own):

Parvos pueros videmus.                      - small boys - we see

Marcus puer est.                                - Marcus - boy - is

Mea bona amica hodie venit.                - my good friend - today - comes

Aqua flava est.                                  - water - blue - is

Magnus dominus non est laetus.            - big master - not is - happy

Flavus caelus ater est. Procella venit.    - blue sky - dark - is. storm - comes

Ad meam amicam ambulo.                  - to the friend - I walk

Ad tuos filios amicus venit.                  - to your sons - friend - comes

Pulchra puella coronam auream habet.  - pretty girl - crown golden - has

New words I'd not mentioned before:

hodie - adverb of time: today

ager, agri, m - field

ad - preposition: to

ad agros - to the fields (Acc. plural)

procella, ae, f - storm

ambulo, ambulare - to walk

Now sentences for you:

1. Lacus ater est.    - lacus, us, m - lake (this word is 4h declension but nominative is the same, so it's alright)

2. Nostras filias coronas aureas et purpureas habent.

3. Parvus puer ad tuum bonum amicum venit.

4. Pulchram puellam vides.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Hey there

I will try to take part in this exercise. However, I will first need to study a little bit (review your other posts). Hopefully this will enable me to solve this exercise! :doubtful:

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