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French pronunciations:-(

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Hello everyone, I recently started my French lessons on Duolingo but I am having such a hard time with the pronunciation of certain words. I am a native English speaker so I am not used to those twists and turns of the tongue to get the proper pronunciation. For example, I was trying to say "lettre" but can't say the last part the way it is supposed to be said. My tongue is so stubborn, any advice on how to get my tongue to move to the rythm? Lmao  :wacky:

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Hello fellow French language learner! Pronunciation is indeed one of the hardest but the most rewarding aspect in learning the language. We need to sound French to be fluent. My advise for you is to never stop listening and imitating what you hear. Or maybe there is a problem with your articulators such as the lips , teeth and tongue. Imitate the position and placement of their articulators. If you have dental problems, might as well have someone fix them. You cannot correctly pronounce certain words if you have problems with your articulators.

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I just went to YouTube to see if I could pronounce "lettre". I found pronouncing it quite easy, and I am a native English speaker. I agree that continually listening and trying to say what you are hearing is key. I have found that, for me, the easiest way to try and get pronunciation correct is to just not think about. I just listening to what is being said and try to make what I am saying sound like that by changing things around with my tongue and pitch. You have got to just let your tongue relax and use one breath. I'm sitting here saying it trying to describe what my tongue is doing and it is hard to put into words. My tongue is starting (at the "tre" part) at the back of my top teeth, kind of bouncing off the roof of my mouth, and receding to the back of my mouth. Not sure if that makes any sense but I hope it helps!

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