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Well, here you go cardinal numbers in Norwegian. I wrote all from 1 to 30. Then I noticed that the same pattern was repeating all the time, and so I only wrote down the tens. I had thought about putting this in a table, but I didn't know how to make it work, so...


0 null

1 en

2 to

3 tre

4 fire

5 fem

6 seks

7 syv

8 åtte

9 ni

10 ti

11 elleve

12 tolv

13 tretten

14 fjorten

15 femten

16 seksten

17 sytten

18 atten

19 nitten

20 tjue

21 tjueen

22 tjueto

23 tjuetre

24 tjuefire

25 tjuefem

26 tjueseks

27 tjuesyv

28 tjueåtte

29 tjueni

30 tretti

40 førti

50 femti

60 seksti

70 sytti

80 åtti

90 nitti

100 hundre

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