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Hello everyone!

Have you taken any of those exams? DELF  - Diplôme d'études en langue française and/or DALF - Diplôme approfondi de langue française? When I was in high school I took the  DELF levels B1 and B2 and it was a good thing I did it before my last year of High school because I became so busy studying for university entrance exams.

The next two levels - C1 and C2 are in the DALF... Have anyone taken those? I've been thinking of trying to pass those after I finish university, but some people keep telling me that I will be good with B2. It is not that I have some plans or anything. Well, I have at least three more years to be too busy studying med to think of another exams lol.

Are DELF and DALF good in all the countries where they speak French, or only in France? What are your thoughts of it and the other French language exams? The only other I know is TFI, but DELF sounded better back then

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I unfortunately don't know much about any of this but wanted to wish you good luck with your exams if you choose to take them! I do believe whether the exams are accepted varies country by country so probably best to check individual consulate websites if you have ideas of where you'd like to go.

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Thanks, tulosai. :)

I have nothing particular in mind. I am just a medicine student and after I get my diplome I just want to know I will be able to practice in other countries - just in case. I still have 3 more years until I finish the General medicine, and maybe a few more, depending on qualifications. I don't plan to study abroad for now, tho maybe going for a practice in the future would be nice.

I was just interested if anyone else had taken those, to share some experience - if the C is much harder than the B level, what can you do with one level but can't with the other and so on :)

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I haven't taken any of the DELF or DALF exams, but I plan to do so in 6 months or so.

I'm currently in France, so I want to take one while I have the best chance to do well!

Naturally, the DALF is harder than the DELF. The C2 exam is also wildly different from the C1 exam. These two links explain the formats of the two DALF exams, and keep in mind the scoring. C1, C2, they don't mean you're perfect. They don't mean you don't make mistakes, and an educated native speaker would be far past C2—for this reason, some people push to add another level that fits this last idea. For now, though, it doesn't exist :)



You just need a 50/100 to pass these exams. For the C2, that means a minimum of 10/50 on each part and a total of 50/100. Which, obviously, leaves plenty of room for mistakes and silly mistakes because you're nervous :)

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