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Quick Phrases - Restaurant and Time


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Well, I'd compiled a very short list of some phrases which I believe could be useful. If you think of any more, please do add them:

Waiter / waitress! Kelner!

Can we have the check please? Kan jeg få regningen?

It is very delicious! Det er veldig godt!

I don't like it Jeg liker det ikke

Expensive Dyrt

Cheap Billig

What time is it? Hva er klokken

It's 3 o'clock Den er tre

I'm hungry Jeg er sulten

I'm thirsty Jeg er tørst

In The Morning Om morgenen

In the evening Om kvelden

At Night Om natten

Hurry up! Fort deg!

All questions and corrections are accepted. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Thank you for this useful vocabulary! Some of them are really similar in German:

Waiter / waitress!  Kellner!

Can we have the check please?   Die Rechnung, bitte.

It is very delicious!  Das Essen schmeckt sehr gut.

I don't like it  Das mag ich nicht.

Expensive Teuer

Cheap  Billig

What time is it?  Wieviel Uhr ist es / Wieviel Uhr haben wir?

It's 3 o'clock  Es ist 3 Uhr.

I'm hungry  Ich habe Hunger / Ich bin hungrig.

I'm thirsty  Ich habe Durst / Ich bin durstig

In The Morning  Morgens / Am Morgen

In the evening  Abends / Am Abend

At Night            Nachts / In der Nacht

Hurry up!  Beeil dich!

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I also noticed this! The same similarity exists in between German and Dutch - it seems like a blend of German and English. I'd always found it curious. I believe that midnight in Dutch is ''middernacht'', which looks like a nice combination of Mitternacht and midnight. I bet there are so many examples about this...

when I was learning German in school, we'd always used the ''Ich habe Durst/Hunger'' form that for a long time, I wasn't even aware the other one is correct (Ich bin hungrig/durstig). I'd only found it out years later when I'd found the phrase in a text...

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