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Kanji textbooks you recommend


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So, what kanji textbooks you use/used?

At my university, we used Basic Kanji Book I and II and I really loved it. It has stroke order, all readings, example compounds, reading and writing exercises, everything. Well, it doesn't have answers for exercises, so it might be bad for self-study, but other than that it was perfect.  Now we'll start Kanji in Context, which is nice, but we've done quite a few kanji they have there already.

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I suggest the Remembering the Kanji volumes by Heisig. I see them used by most people all over who seem to be interested in the Japanese language, and generally the consensus is that the books do well in helping people both in Japan learning and outside of Japan learning all the words needed through a kind of teaching I don't normally see with other books for Kanji.

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"Japanese Kanji and Kana" by Wolfgang Hadamitzky and Mark Spahn has been proving to be really good to me, haha.  It includes all 2,136 official Jouyou kanji and is arranged by the kanji's difficulty in writing it rather than any other category.

This arrangement has been ESPECIALLY helpful to me because I suck at memorization. Learning the simpler kanji made it so much easier for me to remember simpler kanji, and guess at the meaning of more complicated ones. The kanji dictionary starts at page 68 and the pages before that are dedicated to explaining kanji, from the history, the positions, the radicals, etc.

Highly recommended, definitely.

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