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The study of Hieroglyphics, or ancient Egyptian text is a well-preserved language upon which not many seem to be knowledgeable as of yet in. I believe it is a phonetic language with picture basis that must be preserved carefully if we are going to continue to ensure the ability to understand what precious bit of it we still can for many years to come.

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It's definitely in our best interest to preserve a a much of our history as we can because there's so much more we can learn from it that would be wasted if it were all to go away without a grace. I think this is very similar to how Chinese words are written since it also utilizes picture type symbols to form words.

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Studying ancient language sounds SO, so fascinating!

But considering how hard learning Japanese is for me, probably not something I could do, haha! I try immersing myself in the Japanese language as much as possible and my retention is still rather poor. Imagine if retention is virtually impossible! :P

Still, I've always wanted to learn an obsolete language. I just want to see how many current language took bits and pieces of these ancient languages to create the current ones.

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I learned some hieroglyphics years ago, it was really fun! I don't remember much of it anymore, but I'd like to try learning again someday...

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