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Vous vs Tu


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I have been talking to someone in France about my learning French, and something she brought up for me to learn first was the "tu' and "vous" differences. Do you know the difference between "tu" and "vous" in French? It's their "you". She told me when you speak to more than one people, you have to use "vous". However, when you speak to only one person, you can use "tu" or "vous", depending of who is the person. She sent me this chart to help and it is amazing! Just thought I would share it with everyone!

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I'll try to explain the "Vous" and "Tu" for you guys,

In English we say "you" for the person or the persons we are talking with, it doesn't matter if it's one or more than one, in French, if you are talking with a single person you say "tu", more than one you say "vous", that's the simple rule.

now there is a difference also in other uses, for example in formal discussion, when you talk with someone older, or someone you respect or you don't know, you have to say "vous" to be more polite, but when you talk with someone else you really know you can say simply too :)

there is another difference in "la conjugaison", it's not like English , you for plural or one we don't anything to the verb in the end, but in French, for tu we add just "e" and for vous we add "ez" (that's in the present tense)

if you have any other question just let me know :)

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