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Hello everybody,

    I am trying to figure out a way to learn more Spanish while living in the U.S. In addition to reading and listening to audiobooks, I would like to expand my Spanish vocabulary by studying. It seems unreasonable to read through the dictionary, since I will be inefficient in finding words that are actually useful to me. What I need is a list of at least several thousand of the most common words in Spanish, ordered from most frequent to least frequently occurring. Then I could work my way down the list, and expand my vocabulary much faster than using context clues in books, etc. Does anyone know of the existence of such a list, and how I could obtain it? Thanks!

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Hi there

I am not studiyng Spanish but I am pretty sure you can find such a list. I will have a look for it as well. If I can find something useful, I will let you know.

Best wishes


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