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Which is the right form to use for Kaka?

Kakalinis or Kalilinis

Kakaligo or Kaliligo

and so on

I thought these two forms can be used interchangeably with no worries. Does it depend again on which region or island you are from? Any thought guys?

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Nakakalinis. Nakalilinis.

I think the difference is in their form. The former being the informal.

This is based on the infogram by Wikapedia..



My opinion on, 

a. kakalinis or kalilinis

b. kakaligo or kaliligo 

considering that the two forms above are applied to these already, I think, it's just a shortcut or should I say a combined words of the Filipino term kakatapos or katatapos, used as a prefix then followed by a Filipino verb. With that, I've assumed here that the verb is always in past tense. Please see below.

a. katatapos lang maglinis. 

Example sentences:

1. Katatapos lang maglinis sa bakuran. (Complete)

2. Kakalinis lang sa bakuran. or Kalilinis lang sa bakuran. (Incomplete, considering that the sender is typing or speaking quickly, he combined the words)


b. kakaligo or kaliligo

Example sentences:

1. Katatapos lang maligo. (Complete)

2. Kakaliligo lang. or Kaliligo lang. (Incomplete, considering that the sender is typing or speaking quickly, he combined the words)

I'm also not sure, if it depends from which region you belong to. But I guess, it depends more on the way you want to use the words in a conversation. For example, when sending a text message or a chat, using the informal arrangement is widely accepted. While typing a paragraph for a project you're working on, requires the formal arrangement and is definitely a plus if word count is one of the criteria for grading. No one would initially notice, especially nowadays, that most people would immediately get the idea of what you're trying to imply using short texts/words but still complete with vowels.

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