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Translation tools in everyday life

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When you are using translation tools online, you might easily use it and think of doing conversations using this tool, as long as it is written and online, since often, translation tools are a free service for personal use and it works in real time, letting you know more and more the language because of the little help of the translation.

But now, what about the life not online, but in real life, when you have need of translation and you are outside. How translation can be used outside, in public environments like streets, or restaurants where you are in community? What tools can you use and did you already tried to use tools in these circumstances?

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Well you can use apps on your smartphone

Okay, apps on your smartphone. I thought about it already when I made the thread. The problem is what kind of app, what can you do on it. Especially, you can have an app with a translation dictionary, and then you have apps that may translate better in real time. After all, it depends of the app. As well, how much people would accept any kind of lag in the waitlines? The fact you're looking for a translation may slow down a waitline and may irritate others. The sound may irritate others. Many factors can, honestly. So the usage is important, but the culture and acceptation is as well.

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