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  1. My biggest fear and difficulty, is learning and remembering all of the Japanese characters, I have trouble even just remembering the basic ones at times.
  2. You have to learn the cultural context in which you are learning the language, for example, even speaking your native tongue, 50 years ago, people wouldn't be able to understand you, or would be very confused because the context was different.
  3. I'm with you on this point too. Also, its better for translating to your native tongue rather than a foreign language, since you know what the translated word means
  4. Yeah, its great how our minds work like that, it also works like that in the sense of talking and listening
  5. Well Japanese would be a lot more difficult, however French would be easier, but just do what you wanna do.
  6. I don't know how they can do it O_O it's difficult enough to learn 1 let alone more than one at a time
  7. For Japanese, I think you should learn the basic characters first so that you can read them, don't worry about more complex characters until later in time.
  8. Nice! I haven't gotten very far!
  9. Yeah, I definitely agree with you one this one.
  10. I want to know more languages not only for the sake of it, but also so I can go overseas and speak another country's native tongue.
  11. I really just have to remind myself a LOT to do it. I usually set an alarm for every day to remind myself, and to motivate myself, I usually remind myself why I WANTED to learn the language in the first place, and tell myself if I want this.
  12. It's pretty good if you need to translate a word, maybe if you are curious, or only need a loose translation of said word. However a LOT of meaning is lost in the translation and google translate doesn't tell you things like the definition of the word in your designated language, which would be much more effective.
  13. I've used this site before and yeah, I got to say that it is very good, it even works on mobile, so if you need to use it on the go then BAM! It contains a lot of good content and it's kind of pointless for me to keep talking about what they have as it is right at the top of this page
  14. I haven't tried studying multiple before, but I imagine that you would want to learn them at the same time. If you learnt one then another you might become less fluent in the first as you forget many things, especially if you don't speak it for ages. Allocating Study time for me, I just allocate an hour a day, however sometimes I just feel lazy and leave a day out.
  15. Wow, I think the longest word in English is antidisestablishmentarianism. Actually, just looked it up. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
  16. My native tongue is English -_-* I mean, I guess it would be my first choice, but it is a very boring one. However I do like the endless combination of words that you can put together in English, and I like how it is a common-ish language.
  17. Haha! Yeah it does look nice, and I love your way of saying it!
  18. Dude, thanks a bunch! I have tried getting into learning Japanese, not too recently but I probably started about 6 months ago now, however I just tried to study by myself and I never ended up remembering to study and learn everyday so I just ended up forgetting about it. I think this will most definitely help me as I am getting back into learning!
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