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  1. My biggest fear and difficulty, is learning and remembering all of the Japanese characters, I have trouble even just remembering the basic ones at times.
  2. You have to learn the cultural context in which you are learning the language, for example, even speaking your native tongue, 50 years ago, people wouldn't be able to understand you, or would be very confused because the context was different.
  3. I'm with you on this point too. Also, its better for translating to your native tongue rather than a foreign language, since you know what the translated word means
  4. Yeah, its great how our minds work like that, it also works like that in the sense of talking and listening
  5. Well Japanese would be a lot more difficult, however French would be easier, but just do what you wanna do.
  6. I don't know how they can do it O_O it's difficult enough to learn 1 let alone more than one at a time
  7. For Japanese, I think you should learn the basic characters first so that you can read them, don't worry about more complex characters until later in time.
  8. Nice! I haven't gotten very far!
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