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Change to IPB Forum Software

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Dear All

I proudly would like to announce that linguaholic.com will be changing to new forum software, soon. The site has been running on SMF (Simple Machines Forum Software) since day one and the overall experience with it was fantastic. However, as SMF basically is an open source forum software (and therefore free), it comes with some limitations and is probably not always up-to-date in terms of Design, User Friendliness and Features. Moreover, it is really difficult to offer the members a member-friendly mobile access to the page. As more and more members of linguaholic.com access the page with a mobile device, it is our top priority to ensure a mobile friendly environment. This is very hard to achieve with SMF and therefore we decided to move to IPB. IPB offers amazing forum software and has many mobile-friendly themes on the market.

As for existing members of linguaholic.com, we do try to make the switch to IPB Software as smooth as possible. All individual posts, Ranks and Titles are supposed to be taken over to the new Software and should display in the same way it was the case with SMF. So if everything works out well, nothing will change with your member account!

We will keep everyone updated about this change to IPB. Due to this change, linguaholic.com will be down for some time, soon. So if you are trying to access linguaholic.com and get an error, don't worry. The page will be up again as soon as possible (we are talking about 24 hours to a couple of days here, not more).

I hope you will all enjoy the change to the new forum Software!

Best wishes


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