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TL: English/ NL: Spanish (Portuguese)/ Skype


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Hi everybody!!

My name is Gabriela, I am a native Spanish speaker looking for a native English speaker.

It doesn't matter if your spanish is basic or advanced, I can help you.

I also speak portuguese fluently. I lived an entire year in Brazil.

If you are interested... let me know!





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Study With Us on Discord for FREE!

Hi! If you are still looking for a native speaker, I'd love to help! ( I am also looking for a native Spanish speaker, so it works out c: )

I've only had high school Spanish experience, but I really love everything about it, and wish that I could have more opportunities to speak more and learn better conversational ways to speak. Rather than be told to answer a prompt, and use vocab that you've been given, I think it'd be more helpful to be able to speak with a native speaker. and maybe become friends as well!

If you'd like to add me on skype, just PM me here first so I can give it to you 'n we can swap :-) 

Have a nice day!

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Hola, Gabriela! I want to speak Spanish fluently so bad! I already have a decent level of speaking and understanding, having traveled for many months in spanish speaking countries. I'm from Colorado, and would love to help you learn English. We could use skype. Let me know if your'e interested...we can switch off speaking English and Spanish every week or so. I hope to hear from you soon! Also, @sharkery, I'm sure we can get you in on some of that Spanish action, too! 


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Hello! Thank you for your article. I’d like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning Portuguese through Skype on online classes. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from http://preply.com/en/portuguese-by-skype. And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality. Following their course curriculum now I can speak Portuguese like a native. But I Want to try another option.

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