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Pause or pose...hm


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The "lookalikes" in a learning language is one boring thing to attack and learn. Take the "pause" vs. "pose" example, but also the "verre" / "vert" / "vers", but I may talk about that one letter. Let me explain to you.
For example, "pause" is...exactly like in English, when you stop something but only temporarily, and this is something you can probably restart. Example, the pause button would be on a media player.
But it is also used for a period of times you need to get some rest. Like, when you stop working 15 min and you'll go back to work right after, it's just a little "out of time" moment.

Meanwhile, "pose", is coming from the verb "poser". This verb is used when you want to get your glass, for example, on the table, if you don't want to break it, you will try to "pose" it. It's also used on photography for models using special positions, called "poses".

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Thank you for this great example FlagOnce. You can find this 'phenomenon' in all languages. 'Verre' / 'vert' / 'vers' all sound very similar. Can you even hear a difference when someone is speaking them out loud? Probably pretty hard. Non-native speakers would definitely have to rely on context to hear the difference. Then there are of course also homonyms and they are written in the exact same way. So in german we have the word 'Schloss', which can stand for 'Castle' as well as 'door lock'. In both cases it is written 'Schloss'. 

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