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Toutes, tous, tout, toute


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The subtle thing with "tout/toutes/tous/toute", which isn't the easiest to follow sometimes, is that it means many things at the same time.

Let's define it more simply than it appears: "tout" is when it's singular, masculine, and not plural. "tous" is plural, masculine. "toute" is singular and feminine. "toutes" is the plural, feminine. That's basically it.
Let's take "tout à fait". Here, it's not feminine. But if you take rather "tous les jours", "jour" is masculine since we say "un jour", but because we talk about many days and not only one, it becomes plural masculine with "tous". "Toutes les balles de tennis sont perdues" here is "toutes" because it's "une balle" (balle is feminine), and there's many tennis yellow balls. Or it would be boring.

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