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Neologism: when new words are created


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French is a language that gets often new words. Some of these words just feel like absurd (and are often unused outside of administrations, hopefully), but others are just as usable as old words. But there's some rules affected with them.

These new words often enters in the dictionary when dictionaries publishers sell the new dictionary's edition, but some of the words also involve intervention from some official organization, like "l'Académie Française", in charge of the French language in general.

Few rules, for example:
When new words are really created, even if it is a composite or a merge of two other words, the dash should be omitted. As well, you shouldn't put a dot in the end because if you do that, it is not a new word but only an abbreviation.

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So, what do you do with other rules that l'Académie Française comes up with? For example, there was recently a decision to drop the circonflexe in a lot of nouns, but has this actually affected the way anyone spells it, or is it a formal rule that people ignore in most contexts?

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I remember when the Académie Française decided to drop the circonflexe. People are accustomed say the world with the sound of the accent.

For exemple, if you drop the accent for "coût", "paraître", or "entraîner", there's no changing pronunciation. 

That's a problem for "mur" (the wall) and "mûr" (adult, mature, at a decisive stage), because if you delete the accent, you have to look for the context to know which one you have to write.  But the members are not stupid, they will not drop the circonflexe for "mur" and "mûr" and "du" and "dû".

In brief, it's not going to affect the way anyone spells it, because nobody applies the rules. Excepted the Académie Française.

Have a great day!


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