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  1. I remember when the Académie Française decided to drop the circonflexe. People are accustomed say the world with the sound of the accent. For exemple, if you drop the accent for "coût", "paraître", or "entraîner", there's no changing pronunciation. That's a problem for "mur" (the wall) and "mûr" (adult, mature, at a decisive stage), because if you delete the accent, you have to look for the context to know which one you have to write. But the members are not stupid, they will not drop the circonflexe for "mur" and "mûr" and "du" and "dû". In brief, it's not going to affect the
  2. Hi Sailor Cat! I tried to correct your text : "Si je pouvais vivre ma vie encore une fois, j'essaierais (it's more common) de faire plus de fautes dans la prochaine vie (I'm not sure about the meaning... did you wanted to say "I would try to make more mistakes in my next life ?). Je ne veux pas être parfaite (wrong conjugation), je me relaxerais plus. Je serais un peu plus fou que ce que j'ai été / que je ne l'ai été (the second proposition is more poetic and common), je prendrais les choses moins au sérieux / je prendrais beaucoup moins de choses au sérieux (the second proposition l
  3. It sounds a little bit like "avion" in french (it means "plane", but I don't think that it's a bad connotation), or "Oblivion" (the movie) but it's not bad either. Have a great day! Photxphore.
  4. Hello! I'm a native french speaker, and I love sarcasm. That's me. I'm a sarcasm lover. I'm actually here because I would like to help people in french. In fact, I also would like to increase my english level, because I am not very good. Well, it was nice to meet you. // Bonjour ! Ma langue maternelle est le français, et j'aime le sarcasme. C'est moi. Je suis une amoureuse du sarcasme. Je suis ici parce que j'aimerais aider les gens en français. En fait, j'aimerais aussi améliorer mon niveau d'anglais, car je ne suis pas très douée. Voilà, c'était cool de vous re
  5. Hi Cheneil! I am a native french speaker and I am also looking for an english speaker, just to practice this beautiful langage. Bonne soirée !
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