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Translation of this Filipino song


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I know maybe is a big question that takes time, but can someone translate the lyrics of this song? I don't find any in the web....Thank you! (take all the time you want)

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Disclaimer: My native tongue is Cebuano. So, my Filipino might be a little off. But I hope this helps.

Habang Kayakap Ka
While Embracing You (While in your embrace)

Sa bawa’t nagdaang araw  --- In each day that passed
Hinahanap-hanap ------------ (I'm) missing
Iyong mga lambing ---------- your tenderness (affection)
Dama lang sa ‘yong piling --- which is only felt by your side

Sa tamis ng pagsinta'y ---- The sweetness of your love
nangungulila --------------- (I) long
Uhaw sa ‘yong halik ------- Craving for your kisses
Sa t’wina’y nananabik ----  Oftentimes yearning

Nanlalamig na puso’y ating pagbigyan --- (Let's) give in to our cool hearts
Sa gabing ito, ako’y iyo lamang --- Just for tonight, I'm yours alone

Ibubulong habang kayakap ka --- (I'll) whisper while embracing you
Ibibigay ngayong kapiling ka --- (I'll) give now that you're by my side
Ang nadarama na init ng pagmamahal --- all the warmth of the love I feel
Habang ating pinapatila ang ulan --- While waiting for the rain to stop

T’wing ako’y umiidlip -----Each time I fall asleep
Nananaginip           ----- (I) dream
‘Yong labing kay tamis ----- (of) your sweet lips
Yakap mong kay higpit ------ your tight embrace

At sa pagbuhos ng ulan, ----- As the rain pours
Tayo’y sumilong ------------- let's take cover (shelter)
Pawiin ang lamig ------------ dissipate the cold
Pag-ibig ay damhin ---------- (Let's) feel the love

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Thank you soooo much! i couldn't find the translation, so i was wondering if someone here would help.... i really appreciate :)

No problem. Glad to be of help. I appreciate that you find this Filipino song interesting and beautiful enough to want to know its translation. :)

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