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Learning ASL as an adult


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I have been watching a show called Switched at Birth.  Many of the characters (and actors) are deaf.  American Sign Language is featured very prominently on the show.  One of the characters named Regina could no longer sign because of an injury that she acquired.  I looked it up and it was a case of art imitating life.  The actress who plays her began to have tendon problems from learning ASL as an adult.  Is this inevitable or are they ways to condition your tendons?  What exactly is the issue?  Is it flexibility or something else?

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It is probably just her body. Some people's bodies just can't handle that amount of movement all the time. It's not for everyone. Those that would develop these sorts of repetitive motion injuries are most likely just more prone to it. Just like some people are more prone to having headaches. It could be the way she was using her muscles (or, not using them.) If you are looking to learn, or you are learning ASL don't let this stop you or give you doubts. :)

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Hmm that's very interesting! I would never have thought that sign language would be so taxing on your body, certainly not enough to cause problems with tendons. Maybe the more she uses it, the less of a problem it will remain? I seriously doubt the issue is a long term one. I do agree, this shouldn't be a reason people give up the idea of learning ASL.

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