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If you could speak just 5 languages what would they be?

Wanda Kaishin

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On 1/7/2016 at 4:49 PM, Nekomimi_mode said:

1. English

2. Chinese(mandarin)

3. Arabic

4. Korean

5. Japanese

Good selection, I want my top 5 to be English, French, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. That's six, but I would take off Chinese as the last one because I don't plan on moving to China any time soon, and I don't think it's a future language as it's most commonly spoken by Chinese. 

I know it's damn near 2 billion of them, but that doesn't make it a universal language.

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English first obviously. Then French, Spanish, Chinese and Latin. I think. I'm sure if you ask me the same question tomorrow, I'll probably have changed the list somehow. I just love all languages, and I'm influenced by so many things. Like whenever I am going to travel to some place, then suddenly the native language starts to seem really appealing to me. 

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This thread is a bit old, but I think it is good to keep it alive, because not only it gets you thinking about learning more but it forces you to set goals for yourself in the future.

I would say my 5 would look something like this:

-Spanish (My native language)




-Italian. I'm not sure about this one but it's so similar to Spanish that I feel like making the jump wouldn't be too hard.

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Learning foreign language is very exciting, if I have more time I definitely would love to learn more foreign language

Anyway, the languages that I can and want to master are:

1. Bahasa - this is my native language. This is similar to Malay too, so more than just the people in my country that can understand this

2. English (fluent) - well, in general nowadays who doesn't speak English in this world.

3. Chinese (fluent) - this is more to my ancestral background

4. Spanish - I want to learn Spanish because it's sounds so sexy, and it's very good to hear people speaking spanish around me

5. French - the most romantic language (or so it's called) 

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1) Russian (it's my native language)

2) English (I think it's a beautiful language and it's very important to know nowadays)

3) Swedish (it's a key language to all Nordic countries)

4) French (I just love how it sounds and my best friend is French)

5) Spanish (it's a widely used language and I love how it sounds)

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1. Arabic (Native)

2. English




I actually speak those languages

I'm 15 years old so i'm planning to learn some other languages (russian,dutch....)


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