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Requirements to Become An Interpreter


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Hi everyone! I would like to know What are the requirements to become an interpreter in your country? (Vocabulary, documents, etcetera).


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4 hours ago, atanas.velikov said:

This is a good question and something I would be interested in too - how would I become a certified interpreter? 

For example in my country, I first need to go the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs in the capital, then fill out all the documents (ID, job experience in translation and stuff like that... ), then memorize a special terminology related to Medicine, Law, Civil Affairs (which is similar to the vocabulary in Law) and Commerce and, after that take a exam where the applier would be tested on listening, reading and speaking (I still do not know if the guys in the corner would bring a native speaker or record something). The only thing I do not like of this is that I will not be issued to translate texts, only conversations.

I am planning to take the exam in the future, not yet.


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I've just looked into this- for me, in America, this is what I found on what is required to become an interpreter:

Looks to me like you'll need a Bachelor's degree (3-5 years in college) and some brief on-the-job training... beyond that I'm finding mostly information about the job outlook, pay rate, annual salary, etc. I used to want to do this before some other occupations replaced that desire, but I never actually looked into requirements I don't think.

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