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  1. Is Spanish spoken in South America any different to Spanish spoken in Spain, is there a difference at all? I'm trying to learn as will be going for a holiday soon but don't want to make an awful mistake
  2. This is a good question and something I would be interested in too - how would I become a certified interpreter?
  3. I actually am in love with this italian song and read the lyrics every day and have nearly learnt it off by heart. I have a vague meaning of what it means but I'm so proud of the fact I can say it correctly
  4. Sorry - it's pronounced ch as in chest I'm not sure - I don't want to say I love but I want to say something more than I like you
  5. I have to admit it took me about two years to be able to feel confident enough to swear and make remarks !! It took me about a year to hold a conversation properly. You are more than welcome here I even speak to my son in Bulgarian now more than I do English .
  6. I'd also love to visit France again, I love the culture and the atmosphere and I think it's wonderful and I am sorry for the tragedy and the loss throughout the whole of France.
  7. Yes in Bulgarian is Da and No is ne but we shake our heads back to front and also tut for no which is another thing I've not come across in other languages.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate the input and am going to use this next time I teach my students. I hope it brings good results.
  9. Living in Bulgaria meant I learnt the language like a native and I am now bi-lingual. If it wasn't for he fact I had no choice but to learn purely because of survival I never would have learnt Bulgarian so yes it's helped.
  10. Obicham te in Bulgarian It's the romantic way and also the way you'd say to your friends. In Italian what would you say to a Romantic partner but not one that you want to declare your love for?
  11. He can't be that good, I've never heard of him before but going to take a look now at the interview
  12. I've fallen in love - now three times - first time he spoke a little English but we were children so it wasn't as significant. The second time I learnt his language - we raised a child together so did something right - third time - we spoke a mix of languages which we both knew - we are still trying to make it work It's hard and it's tough but love is worth it. Love has no barriers.
  13. 1. English 2. Bulgarian (I live here) 3. Italian (I love this language) 4. French 5. Chinese
  14. I'm a little confused as to what you are trying to ask as well. You can explain in explicit terms if need be so we can make the correct translation for you
  15. Hi, nice to meet you, I speak English and Bulgaria, No Japanese and Chinese though but great to see you here, good luck with your learning skills If I can help regarding anything 'English' let me know.
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