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Reading Qu'ranic passages as language learning


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Back in my first year high school, we were required to read certain passages from the Qu'ran as part of our Arabic language learning.  Some passages are quite long, while there are others which are short.  The passages are at random and chosen by our teacher.  In our elementary years though, we were not required to read about the Qu'ran.

Do you consider reading Qu'ranic passages in Arabic a part of learning the language?

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I do not see anything wrong with it, but I also do not believe is is the most helpful. The subjects that are discussed in the Quran are not always subjects that will be used in everyday conversation. There are also certain words in the Quran that are written using a formal dialect when there are better ways to say the same thing. Reading relatively long passages that you are not familiar with would be a good way to judge your ability to read Arabic as long you recognize the majority of the words in the passage or there are characters that help with pronunciation. 

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I don't share with you the same point of view, for someone who doesn't speak Arabic as his mother tongue, he mustn't begin with the one used in the Quran simply because it's too strong to understand 

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