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Learn vocabulary while learning about new stuff too


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This website was created to share pictures, videos, articles about different cultures, anecdotal facts, traveling... while also teaching new vocabulary and grammar. This way, you can practice your language skills while also learning about something new.

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You have an interesting site there. Love the article on R2D2. Although I haven't watched the latest Star Wars movie, I absolutely love the franchise. Saw all 6 episodes and R2D2 and C3PO are two of my favorite characters. They're just so endearing. But between them, I love R2 more.

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I personally use dictionary . com 

It tells you the synonyms as well, which ensures that you are able to start learning other words which mean the same as well.

They have a application as well, which ensures that you are able to learn new words on your mobile phone as well.


Moreover, they update you with a new word each day so you can learn that way as well.

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