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Funny French stereotypes


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As we know, each country tends to have its stereotypes, and France doesn't escape the rule. I thought that it could be fun to share those you have heard about.. may they be right or totally wrong! :D

French women don't shave: While I have came across a handful of ladies who seem to enjoy their armpit hair (but these days you still land on those worldwide and some are even currently trying to make a trend out of it) , the majority of French women shave/wax like everyone else.

French people stink: Not that I know of, except maybe some country bumpkins, but once more you'll find the odd person who does wherever you go in the world.

French people hate Americans: Well frankly, most of them dream to visit the U.S, so....

French people drink wine every day: Well, I more or less do, why is that a bad thing? :P

French men are very romantic: I wish....

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I'm french and I approve of this message :).

I would say that french people are mostly the same people you will find in any european country, with maybe slightly more baguettes and cigarettes but other than that we're pretty common people.

Alright we might be slightly more rude.

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Most of the time, when I think French, I just think of a really fancy person with a weird mustache. As I got older, I realized pretty quick that that's not true at all. In the end, I'm sure the French are just normal people, really. Sometimes, these stereotypes like to act like people from other countries are a completely different species. I have heard the "French girls don't shave" one, mostly because I do not shave and I'm constantly told that I should the US and go live there... Honestly, it doesn't really matter.

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