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"Could care less" or "Couldn't care less"?


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It seems obvious that "couldn't care less" should be the correct usage, implying that you care so little about something that it isn't possible for you care any less i.e. you don't care at all. But the statement "could care less" with a sarcastic tone is also very common. I have seen both being used with equal frequency. The general excuse for the second statement is that it suggests sarcasm when used while the first one is quite point blank and serious.

So, is the practical usage of "I could care less" acceptable?

The phrase '' I could care less'' actually means that one does, in fact produce a measurable level of caring, concern or interest  of a given situation and is contradictory to the context in which the phrase is commonly used. The use of "could care less" in fact expresses that one does care, have an interest, or a level of concern about a topic or a given situation. 

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I personally don't find it very acceptable, especially since most people are using it thinking they are using it correctly. If someone used it correctly, by which I mean using the term "could care less" to imply that they feel alright towards what is happening and actually care somewhat, then I guess it would be okay, but it tends to get a little confusing, and like I said, most people are only using it mistakenly.

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