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  1. I plan to learn Chinese and French. Chinese because I want to be ready when they eventually rule the world and French because it's a sexy language.
  2. I had bad grammar in text messages. wen sm1 types letas lyk this I get very irritated. I mean, it's a qwerty keypad and you won't lose any seconds of your life by typing the words correctly.
  3. Sometimes, mimic accents for comedy is done in such bad taste that it becomes insulting.
  4. My parents won't admit this but my first words were Sony PlayStation. :punk:
  5. Most forms of body language does but not all cultures. To some cultures, nodding your head is disagreement instead of agreement, therefore misinterpreting what is said or misunderstanding what is said is quite easy.
  6. I agree with the admin. To be able to answer your question, you need to be a bit more specific with your query.
  7. I guess the lack of confidence is what might make speaking more difficult than reading. However, once you are confident enough that you can be able to speak a foreign language, speaking will be easier than reading and writing.
  8. The best reason to learn a new language would be to be able to converse in that particular language in real situations. Therefore, I do not understand your question fully and why someone would be afrain to learn the new language.
  9. I like the new smileys. The smileys are very unique and they look cool. :pirate:
  10. My country was colonised by the British. Therefore, most curriculum and commerce is in the English language.
  11. Actually, I am more acquainted to my second language than my mother tongue. This is only because I use my second language more than I use my mother tongue when I converse or even when I read and write. It's normally just a matter of preference.
  12. It would be more intelligent to learn one language at a time. Learning foreign languages at the same time will only result in slow learning.
  13. I once tried to read Arabic when I was in high school. Reading a text backwards when everything looks like a doodle drawing is not very easy. I think I even know some Muslims who still find Arabic difficult even after attending 'madarasa'-these are religious classes for the young Muslims.
  14. Life would be very difficult without language and there would be no civilization. The human race has progressed because of language and being able to communicate.
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