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iSpeak: all your Japanese language tips explained

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Being someone with a big passion to all things Japanese, I decided to start blogging about just this language, culture and more.
I may as well add Chinese to the mix in the future, but I rather see Lingua do this already.

URL: http://www.ispeak.jp/

As you can see, the TLD in question is a .jp domain name, just so it would read as "I speak Japanese".
And for those server geeks among us, it's indeed being hosted on a server in Japan, that's because I have plans to go to Japan within this year.
But it's not for sure yet, I first want to get my Japanese to a similar level as my English, master at least 80% of the jouyou kanji and lose weight to a more acceptable weight.
AND for the total geeks among us, it's indeed running on a blog software I wrote myself (source code and download).

I'll try to do my best to make a new blog post every Sunday, the first one being this Sunday.


Also, you will be able to ask your burning questions about Japanese soon on my upcoming forum.
And you can even practise your written Japanese skills there too.
I'll reveal more details later.

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Looking forward to using this upcoming forum!  The domain name is quite clever.  I've had a similar idea :) 

I'm presently living in Japan as a freelance writer and dancer after having studied the language here at a Japanese language school.  Guess you could say I fell in love with it here and couldn't keep away for long.  You're going to love it here.  Where do you plan on going when you visit?  How long do you plan on staying? 

Also, if you're looking for some interesting sites with Japanese blogs for posting inspiration or whatever, I recommend fc2 blog and ameba.  A lot of my Japanese friends use these. 
My website is going to be updated in the next few days with posts about Japan, along with some written in Japanese. 

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@Teira Eri

Where: most likely Tokyo.
How long: I want to try it out with 3 or 6 months at first, but when I get a job (or freelance job) there, I'll apply for a much longer stay.

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The first blog post is online:

I decided to make more frequent posts rather than just weekly, so make sure you visit iSpeak more often.

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Finally got around to make a new blog post:

Quite an interesting read IMO.

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Blogging finally started to get fun:

It's an article aimed at beginners this time.

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